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Problems I can help you solve:


We are investing in this product but …will it succeed?
Is this the right solution for this market?
I know we have a great product. Why it’s not selling?
We have a great idea. We want to make sure we do everything right, avoiding any risk of failure, to go to market successfully
Do we know where are we going exactly? Can we get there? How? Why?

I  help teams and companies to define, validate, build and market products for commercial success. Or, market the right way existing ones (unless they are wrong, which we will tell you). We help minimizing the risk of investing in product failure.

You can get on track by learning, internalizing – on the job – very effective, pragmatic and market-driven methodologies that are proven to work. With an agile/lean approach

I’ll be by your side, hands-on.  I am very passionate about solving these problems.