User Personas for… sales ??

The power of User Personas in modeling requirements and building products is well-known (never enough I’d say, but it is known).

I extensively use the incredible power of buyer and user personas (ala Alan Cooper) in the entire product life cycle with consistently excellent results.

The other day I was writing a positioning document, a functional overview for a new product and, while I was at it,  a product datasheet.  I asked myself: “why shouldn’t we  use  the same user personas we developed for designing the product to illustrate product benefits and functionalities?”

And so we did.

I mean, content for customer facing documents. I have used personas several times for design and building products with great success, but never for actually customer-facing documents.

Not only it worked like a charm. I realized then that even our demo guys used the personas we developed for their product demos. Salespeople were also referring to personas when explaining our new solution to customers.

Personas are the most powerful tool you may use in designing, building, marketing and selling products. Period.



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