Did you know there’s a secret to selling software products ?

How software engineering and software sales talk to each other?

Did you know there’s a secret to selling software[products] ? A secret that is all too often overlooked?

Interestingly that dialogue between sales and software engineering doesn’t work very well if it is attempted directly.  The worlds of software engineering and sales are too far apart to bridge face-to-face.  But there is a catalyst that will support dialogue between software engineering and sales.

That catalyst between engineering and sales is an activity called “product marketing” and the output of that activity is “productization”.  To specialize in product marketing can be considered an occupation in itself.  Little heralded beside its better known full marketing departments of traditional B2C, or the flavour-of-the-day social marketing mavens, product marketing is about the structured and disciplined definition of exactly what an organization will sell.

Read the full article by @JohnHMorris at http://www.standupsales.com/content/product-marketing-creates-value-and-bridges-gap-between-sales-engineering

This applies to any product or service. It is about alignement and connecting with buyers. If you ignore it, you will likely experience one of the most common problems organization run into when attempting to market and sell their product, such as:

  • I do know we have a great product. Why it’s not selling?
  • We are heavily investing in this product but …will it succeed?
  • Is this the right solution for this market?
  • We have a great idea. We want to make sure we do everything right, avoiding any risk of failure, to go to market successfully. How to ensure that?

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