MARKET-DRIVEN – Donato Mangialardo

Donato is a consulting professional for organizations of all kinds, even if he started with hi-tech ones. His strengths derive from the unique combination of competence, international experience and his ability to instill confidence and drive results through his pragmatic, easy, catalytic approach.

Donato possesses an extensive international experience in Software, Marketing and Business Strategy in both California’s Silicon Valley (10 years) and Italy (7 years).  He now operates in Europe.

He has been consistently successful in formulating and driving clear business and product strategy, positioning, programs and team building in diverse organizations with different products, technologies, business models and geographies/cultures. From 3D Design Tools to Enterprise SaaS. In his career he has also demonstrated a strong ability of bridging between technical and business people facilitating clarity of direction and project goals. He has established effective product development, management and marketing practices in companies with confused product lines, unclear strategies and fragmented, unmotivated teams.

Donato works very well with people and he is recognized as an easy, fun, hands-on, solid person that is very rewarding working with. He is based on competence and integrity, while leading teams across functions and positions, promoting individual growth.


  • Guide companies to set a strategy to achieve a vision.
  • Help distilling, formalizing (well, crystallizing) and share a vision when there isn’t one that guides the company evvectively.
  • Build and maintain a product strategy to fit a business strategy/model
  • Product Management end-to-end (from day-by-day to strategic road mapping). Including Agile, SaaS.
  • Modeling (and crystallizing) Requirements that lead to successful products or serv ices
  • Product Marketing – because generic marketing is dead!
  • “Buyer and User Personas” methodologies that work
  • Setting a Marketing Organization. Roles and Responsibilities needed for your business. From hiring to running new programs
  • Formal training (along the lines of companies like http://www.pragmaticmarketing.com, http://www.blackblot.com etc. but customized for a given organization’s need)
  • SaaS (Enterpise Software, e-Learning platforms and authoring tools (LMS,LCMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Cloud BOM Management, Product Data Management (PDM), 2D/3D Design Systems (CAD/MCAD).

More on http://it.linkedin.com/in/donatom



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