Be Agile, Lean and Market-driven for Software Products that People Want to Buy

Software Engineering Research Group, University of Genoa, Italy

Mercoledì 19 Dicembre 2012, ore 14:00
Sala Conferenze, 3° Piano – DIBRIS (Via Dodecaneso, 35)

We are Agile. We have built and shipped our product. Several times. We have tweaked
functionalities and fixed bugs. Everything works as intended
However, the conclusion we have to draw is always the same… Our intended customers don’t like our product. They simply won’t buy it.

“We have well executed a plan to achieve failure.”
(Eric Ries, the Lean Startup)

This too-often real example ignites this seminar’s topic, which is aimed to inspire product organizations – especially the Agile/Lean ones – to connect to the business. In other words, market-driven. Despite the fantastic growth of the Agile movement, there is often still a gap between successfully building software and commercial success in the market. It’s beyond the “MVP”. Pragmatic methodologies and real examples will be used.

Donato Mangialardo helps hi-tech and software companies to define, build, validate and
market products for successful and sustainable business results. His strengths derive from the unique combination of competence and his ability to instil confidence and drive results through his pragmatic, easy, catalytic approach. He possesses an extensive international experience in Software, Marketing and Business Strategy in both California’s Silicon Valley (10 years) and Italy (7 years). He believes that Agile and Lean, coupled with market-oriented practices (such as the Personas techniques) are today a competitive advantage for software product teams and their companies.



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