When technology stinks

How to transform something that required one step into a 12-steps procedure that also requires an expensive device, good skills, time and patience.

This afternoon I was doing some market research. I run into a website with the following functionality on their homepage:

The goal of the designer was to get your email address to send you newsletters. Something that is there since, probably, 15 years or more. Something that required one and one only thing: typing an email address.

But look what technology and trends bring to you today.

To achieve the same result you now need to:

  1. Have a smartphone, most likely a very smart one and expensive one like an iphone
  2. Have an application that performs scans
  3. If you don’t have one you have to search for it, buy it, download, install etc
  4. Launch the app
  5. Choose “Scan”
  6. Try to get the image well focused
  7. When the image gets scanned, if everything works right, you will get a popup in your smartphone with an URL, with the question: “go to this URL” Yes or No
  8. Hit “Yes” (Oh, I didn’t BTW, I was tired of it already at this point)
  9. A webpage opens …
  10. Great!! You now can finally type in your email address!
  11. Except that you need to zoom and pan to do it, on a micro keyboard
  12. You now have to prove that you are not a robot by zooming, panning and typing in a micro keyboard some senseless combination of illegible characters.

I gave up even if I was interested in the newsletter, I work with technology since I started working and I am a proud owner of an iphone 4s.

Nothing stinks like technology used to make life more complicated for people.