What they say about “us”

Dicono di me:

“Donato è quel che si dice un “evangelizzatore”… sa quante inefficienze possano nascondersi nel quotidiano delle aziende…oltre ad essere un appassionato del proprio mestiere, sa che ogni contributo che porta aiuta a migliorare le imprese prima creando i presupposti culturali e poi intervenendo nell’operatività. Donato è, dunque, al tempo stesso strategico ed operativo, perché per centrare i problemi e risolverli occorre essere concreti.”  March 24, 2012

Federico Fini, Marketing Manager, Giunti Editore, Firenze, Italy


“Donato built a market-driven product planning process for a company that previously had more ad-hoc engineering-driven approach. Superlative job managing the challenges of introducing big culture change to 20 year old company. Managed global process(much of development team in Italy) with limited financial resources; managed across heirarchy from project engineers to CEO.”

Ben Matteo, Board of Directors at Nila, Co-Founder, CEO at Eos Neuroscience, Co-Founder, Board of Directors at Cleantech Open – California, Silicon Valley


“Donato is an influential product manager who is able to skillfully direct the development path of a product, while building excellent engineering consensus. His abilities to research customer needs and address real consumer problems were inspiring. Most impressive was his ability to gently impress upon the entire organization the need to consider new product features in the context of the user. While working with Donato, I saw the entire company culture shift from individually driven feature ideas to a product roadmap informed by holistic customer archetypes. Donato was instrumental in this sea change. Donato’s emphasis on “N=many” over “N=1” has become a rallying cry. In addition to being a skilled product manager, Donato is a generous and instructive boss. I had the pleasure of working for Donato at Arena Solutions, and learned a great deal from him. Donato gave me plenty of coaching, but also lots of independent project work. He never failed to assist when I asked for help, and was unfailingly supportive of ideas and initiatives that I came up with. His breadth of experience and patient approach to collecting and presenting data will be very much missed at Arena. I envy Donato’s new colleagues – they are very lucky to have him!”

Kathy Davis, Product Manager, Arena Solutions – California, Silicon Valley


“Donato directed and trained a product management team, which I was a member. I still use the skills that Donato taught me including: product management tools, negotiation skills, and some of the outside the box thinking to create “win-win” solutions at work. Donato is one of the best managers I have ever met.”

Cristiano Spadaro, Product Manager, eXact Learning Solutions – Italy



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